Sedona Meditation Retreat with Steven
June 5-9, 2017

Soak up some Shakti with Steven. This year we are gathering in beautiful Sedona, Arizona for our annual retreat. We are gathering to sit in meditation, practice yoga, and bring out the light in each other in and on a powerful vortex in Sedona. The tuition is $500 not including travel, food or lodging which is plentiful in Sedona and you can plan according to your budget. 

We will be sitting and practicing some yoga or other exercises at the Agave of Sedona. It's right along the vortex with breathtaking views and easy to reach. Below is a photo showing the view from inside and outside. 

Monday, June 5th. Flights to Phoenix and 3 hour drive to Sedona. Evening Satsang with Steven

Tuesday, June 6th. 9 am sit, yoga stretch. Another sit and then lunch. Another Sit and yoga. Evening  Satsang

Wednesday, 7th. 9 am sit, yoga stretch. Another sit and then lunch. Afternoon sit, yoga. Evening Satsang

Thursday, 8th. 9 am sit, yoga stretch. Another sit, and then lunch. Afternoon sit, yoga. Evening Love Tap/    Healing Circle.

Friday, 9th. Morning meditation walk and check out.

We highly recommend you either come the weekend before or stay the weekend afterwards to take in lovely Sedona and the neighboring Grand Canyon. During the retreat we will be focusing on going within and there is time for hiking in the mornings and evenings, but a couple extra days to take in nature is well worth it. 

The tuition for the meditation & yoga is $500 
To reserve your place click here

Travel, food and lodging extra just search Sedona there are many choices. 

Bring comfortable clothes. This retreat is open to anyone some experience meditating is helpful but not required. Our group is very open and heart centered. Our primary meditation is Kundalini and Shaktipat.
Below is the view from where we will do our stretching and yoga, some kriyas and kundalini, and lots of fun.

What you will get: 3rd Eye Activation and Kundalini Awakening
                             Diksha and Crown Chakra Opening
                             Healing Circle