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Steven S. Sadleir

Your Enlightened Mind Series is the starter kit, with basic meditation, emotional release, physical healing, and a clearing your mind practice. It includes:

  • Guided Shaktipat Meditation
  • Emotional Detox Meditation
  • Healing Meditation
  • The Mind Meditation
  • On MP3 you can download

BONUS: You will also receive Steven's eBook The Awakening 

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Meditation Tool Kit - 10 MP3's & an eBook
Here are the tools you need to develop your meditation practice all on MP3. Start here:
  • An introduction to Meditation
  • The 15 min Rapid Relaxation
  • The 30 minute Guided Meditation
  • Guided Healing & Relaxation
  • The Emotional Detox
  • The Introspection Meditation
  • An Energy Attunement
  • Heart Center Meditation

BONUS: Guru's & Inner Guidance
               40 Days & Nights
               Self Realization eBook by Steven Sadleir
                Video message from Steven

This kit is the best way to begin your practice. The entire Meditation Tool Kit - 10 classes and the book - is only $27.97. 

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Enlightenment Series - 13 MP3's & eBook
​This is an Intermediate training, good for those who either already completed the Meditation Tool Kit or have been meditating for awhile and what to try something new. It includes:
  • Shaktipat Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Siddha Meditation
  • Self-Awareness Meditation
  • Lotus Heart Meditation
  • The Calling - Vedanta/non-dualism
  • Meditation 101
  • Meditation 102
  • Meditation 103
  • Meditation 104
  • Healing Meditation
  • Jedi Training in The Force 
  • PLUS: Photos of the Gurus
  • Video message from Steven

BONUS​: The Calling eBook by Steven Sadleir

This course is $37.97 to order click here.

Christ Enlightened: The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled - 8 MP3's & eBook
More has been revealed about Jesus in the last twenty years than in all of history. Learn all you can. In Christ Enlightened, Steven delves into and explains:
  • Ancient Judaism & The Torah
  • The Kabbalah & The Zohar
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Aramaic Bible
  • The Apocrapha & Mercaba
  • Letters of the Apostolic Fathers
  • The Gnostic writings
  • The Mirthan Cult
  • The New Testament
  • The First Churches in Israel
  • Background on Saul of Tarsus
  • The Council of Nicea
  • The Creation of the Bible
  • The forgotton role of Mary
  • What we've learned from it all.

BONUS​: Christ Enlightened, the Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled eBook by Steven Sadleir. 

This course is $37.97 to start click here.

GOD: A Course in World Religions 
and Spiritual Teachers - 14 MP3's & the eBook
A complete course in world religions and spiritual teachings. From Alcoholics Anonymous to Zoroastrianism, every major religious denomination, arcane or new age teaching, and the leading Gurus from around the world, Steven S. Sadleir, author of the best-selling book Looking for Godexplains each spiritual path, teaching and teacher and then  adds his own antidotes and personal experiences. 
  • Hinduism
  • Yoga & Gurus
  • Buddhism
  • Taoism & Confusianism
  • Judaism & The Old Testiment
  • Christianity Overview
  • Christianity Sects
  • Islam
  • Ancient Wisdom & Traditions
  • New Age & Metaphysical
  • Guided Meditation

BONUS​: Looking for God eBook by Steven Sadleir

This course is $47.97 just click here
Success Strategies for Teens and Adults
Life 101:This course was created for students who wanted to help their teenagers, but everyone needs it. Some of the topics include:
  • Self confidence and inner strength
  • How to communicate and get along
  • Planning and organizing
  • Managing money and finances
  • Relationships
  • How to be happy

This 6CD set also shows you how to be Strong, Positive and Self Assured in order to be happy and confident and inspired. BONUS: Plus 3 Self Empowerment meditations.

This series is $37.97 to order click here.
"I look forward to meditating and connecting every day. Your meditation toolbox is truly that...I have just started the energy attunement meditation first thing in the morning and see the difference in the way I start my day. I love the exercises, the variety and the places I go...loving your program."

Donna Fleetwood
Meditation Tool Kit

"I am really, really enjoying my meditation cd's! I am also
experiencing bliss on a regular basis thanks to you! I've always felt a
lack of "something" in my life. Like a hole inside of me. I tried to fill it with many things, to no avail. With mediation I have found what I was searching for was always within myself, waiting for me to discover it."

Pamela Wilson
Meditation Tool Kit

"I purchased the advance meditations when I signed on and listened to them in the beginning, but found them too foreign at the time to get anything from them. This week, I started using the 1st CD in the Advanced kit, and was blown away at the volume of W-O-W I've felt.  It's as if my months of practice grew without my noticing." 

Jeri Collins
Advanced Meditation

"The meditation on you sent me is the method I use most often and the one that takes me to the deepest states and occasionally explodes my head with energy. It is the meditation breakthrough I've been searching for and the teacher has appeared."

Marge Doolin
Advanced Meditation

"These meditations exceeded expectations and are excellent. The Meditation Tool Kit is absolutely wonderful and I use it daily. I have experienced the most amazing results. Certainly does get better and better every time I have meditated with these CD's. 

'Would not hesitate to recommend your meditations to others and certain they will also find profound peace, happiness and joy and the keys to personal and spiritual development I have discovered in your work.  These meditations are truly exceptional."

Veronica Howarth
Meditation Tool Kit

"I love these meditations, especially the emotional detox.  It seems to bring me that bliss and peace you speak of.  I seem to really connect with myself."

James Wadkins
Meditation Tool Kit

"I listen to the meditations at several times a week. When I get super busy with all the stuff of living, I take a break for an hour and use your meditations to move back to prior awareness and let my mind REST! Everybody has challanges, and your meditations help me take it all in stride. I want to thank You for creating them. Namaste.

Jerry Woodall
Meditation Tool Kit

"My daughter bought me your CD set to clear blocks for an early Mother's Day gift. I did them and something very heavy disappeared and I felt much lighter."

Louise Maxwell
Enlightenment Series

"I have quite a collection of these type of CDs and yours is one of the best I have come across!!  

Kelly Brewer
Your Enlightened Mind

"I am definitely beginning to experience the benefits of meditation. You make it easy."

Treasa McWaters
Meditation Tool Kit

"I am doing the 15 minute relaxation in the evenings and the 30 minute meditation every morning before I go to work. In this short time my stress level has decreased immensely."

Joan Faqir 
Meditation Tool Kit
The Vedanta Series - Advanced
The Vedanta Series is a complilation of 12 of Steven's most advanced satsangs on nature of the self, including:
  • Self Realization
  • Enlightenment
  • Vedanta
  • Advaita
  • Darshan
  • Jhana Yoga
  • Shaktipat
  • Gnosis
  • Gurus & Inner Guidance
  • Tapas: 40 Days & Nights
  • Thuriyateeth Meditation
  • Pearls of the Vedas
  • PLUS 20+ Advanced Classes
  • PLUS Videos

BONUS: The Theory of Existence & the Science of Consciousness eBook by Steven Sadleir

This Advanced course is $47.97, to order now click here.

1) Anyone wishing to learn meditation or study with Steven can do so absolutely free. Steven offers free live teleconferenced classes each month you can Skype in, just check our calendar and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Also you can Google "Enligtenment Radio" Steven's satsangs and meditations are playing for free 24/7. Your purchase of these products helps support our work.

​2) When you are ready for advanced practice and to work with Steven directly you'll want to take the Self Realization Course which is 12 weeks and teleconferenced. From now on those who want to join our ongoing live Satsangs must take this course first. If you have questions call 949-355-3249.
Your Enlightened Mind - 4 MP3's & an eBook
The Manifestion Vortex
& Enlightened Leadership Training
These were a series of private trainings Steven did for entrepreneurs, business executives and celebrities (You'll hear their voices too). Find a balance between the spiritual and material, it's not about making money but making a difference - being on purpose. Prosperity follows success in creating value. Steven has trained banks and billionairs, listen: 
  • How to Manifest
  • Creating Possibilities
  • Prosperity Happens
  • Fifty Million Dollars
  • YES!
  • The Power of Change
  • Today is a Beautiful Day
  • Prosperity Consiousness
  • De-Stress Meditation

This training is $37.97 and you'll want to play it over and over. To order now just click here.

All the courses in the world will only take you so far, you need the personal guidance of a trained teacher or "Guru" (which means teacher). You need to have someone who knows the way take you beyond what you know and into higher states and beyond states.

When you are ready to go farther come to one of our free monthy live teleconferences which you can Skype in for free to experience the Shaktipat and make the connection with Swami Steven. When you are ready, and you will know, you can either sign up on line or better yet why not talk to us and learn more? Never any pressure to join, just call us at 949-355-3249

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The Self Realization Course
When you are ready for personal instruction
Two authentic lineages of Self Realization brought to you during this age of enlightenment.