Classes Offered

The Self Awareness Institute offers many different courses, some you can take from your home via the Internet or live teleconference and some you can physically attend. We offer courses from beginner to advanced and teacher training programs too. You can read about these courses here, but you are welcome to call Kim Mason to learn more by calling her at 949-355-3249. 

Membership Program - Our Inner Circle

This ongoing training is conducted live with Swami Steven via teleconference twice a week. Sunday mornings 8:00 am Pacific (so we can accomodate the most time zones from the West Coast to Europe) and Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm Pacific. Playbacks are available to listen to later, plus other benefits. This is the best place for most people to start. Just $50/month to learn more or sign up click here.

The Self Realization Course - Advanced Training 

The Self Realization Course is our core training. Held just a few times a year, this 12 week teleconferened intensive has proven to radically awaken consciousness through shaktipat transmissions with Swami Steven. Hundreds have taken this training over the past 10 years and it has changed their lives, just click here to read the testimonials. To learn more or get on the waiting list for the next class call Kim Mason at 949-355-3249 and to read more click here

Kundalini Initiation

Several times a year Swami Steven conducts day long meditation intensives to provide training in Kundalini Meditation, 3rd Eye and Crown Meditations, in different parts of the world. If you would like Steven to come to your city or event contact Kim Mason at 949-355-3249. 

We have thousands of students and friends in over 120 countries, come join our family. Steven also offered free live teleconferened talks and meditations each month and free programming on Enlightenment Radio 24/7. The meditations are free. 
"Thank you for Sunday morning's Graduate telephone class. Every time I'm discouraged that I'll never 'GET this', you come to me with such wise teachings that I can't help but come away with deeper understanding and trust that I am making progress, despite my fears and feelings of being a wimp at times. I am so grateful to you for the Shaktipat that you shower out to the world which graces my Being." 

May you receive a Universe full of blessings and love, Beverly

"After all my years of daily meditations I'm experiencing a level of love and light that is more constant than ever before. It is so easy to stay centered now and if I get pulled off even a little bit, I'm able to get quickly back on center. This is a wonderful place to be. I think of you guys often and can feel your love and commitment and I feel connected with you. Thank you for keeping me in your loop."

Tons Of Blessings,

"Thank you for being so loving & caring, I feel so loved. I love the phone messages too! I did the 2 hour sit last Sunday for the 1st time, although I only did about 1.25 hours I really felt connected. I do the guided meditations almost every day & feel that I am becoming more aware of my consciousness throughout the day.

"Thanks for being there for me, your support means a lot to me."

Love, Judy