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Global Enlightenment

The world is enlightening. You are enlightening. We provide more advanced meditation courses and tools online to develop Samadhi, super-consciousness and enlightenment. We simply connect with the life force or spirit within us that is us. Steven will teach you how to connect directly to the Source of Life itself within you, and live in spiritual awareness and higher consciousness - bliss. Steven will help bring out this light from within you and help you to "re-calibrate" to higher levels of consciousness and beyond. As the light from within shines brighter you get "high" on the Divine presence. Through Shaktipat from Steven you naturally gain greater clarity, inspiration, love, peace beyond words and a bliss we call Samadhi. Beyond this you can't even talk about it.

Steven S. Sadleir

Steven S. Sadleir was guided to write a book on the religions of the world that became a best-seller called Looking for God, a Seeker’s Guide to Religious and Spiritual Groups of the World. During the next twenty five years he studied and wrote about each of the world’s spiritual paths, denominations, and forms of yoga and meditation. He has been trained as a Master under Vethathiri Maharishi to teach the Tamil Siddha form of Kundalini yoga and meditation and was trained in yoga tapas by Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj and asked by the Maharaj to give Dhyana and shaktipat. He is the host of Enlightenment Radio, best-selling author, appears in two new spiritual movies - Spiritual Revolution and 3 Magic Words - and eight episodes of Spirit Clips on the Hallmark channel. Steven has taught thousands over the past thirty years to students in over 120 countries. Come experience higher consciousness for yourself. To learn more about Steven click here

The Teaching

What we teach is love. The work is on the inner, at a higher level that gets you high. You find that love within because the Divine lies within and by connecting with the teacher in spirit through Shakti you enter into super conscious states easily and effortlessly: The Kingdom of Heaven that Lies Within. We are calling all who are ready to enlighten. Come experience what it is like to connect with Steven. Let him take you into higher states and beyond. Experience it directly. Here what other's have said click here.

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We old live teleconferenced (Skyped) calls each month you can join, to register for the next one and get notification click here

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If you are ready to begin working with Steven directly you are welcome to join the satsangs (spiritual) talks given each Sunday and Thursday. And since you are all over the globe we have the playback for you to listen to later and an archive of other meditations, discussions and transmission going back years. When you are ready to sign up or learn more click here. To speak to someone in person Kim@SelfAwareness.com 949-355-3249.

The Self Realization Course

Several times a year Steven guides a small group through an advanced training called The Self Realization Course. This is the advanced training, to learn more click here

The truth, the light, the love lies within. Let us bring that light out to its full potential and purpose. 
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